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Outdoor-inspired house with glass walls, wood ceilings

Peeking out among the treetops, this house designed by New Zealand’s Parsonson Architects stands out with an unconventional, geometric silhouette with layered volumes in wood and glass. Three levels of living space easily accommodate this growing family, with the parents and small children’s bedrooms on the private upper level and the older kids situated on the lower level, along with the swimming pool. Living areas on the middle floor offer a comfortable in-between for socializing and family time spent together. This is one home where function and fashion sing in perfect harmony. Check it out.

Located on a hill dotted with trees and neighboring homes, this house enjoys serene views of the botanical gardens and Wellington Harbour. Expansive windows frame these vistas, while the unusual architectural style provides privacy in this well-populated area, and within the home itself.
The metal roofs wrap around this complex house design – its wood-clad balconies and patios, and its expansive glazed walls. The central living space was laid out to maximize these lush views and natural sunlight streaming in through its massive windows.
According to the architects, “Two main gestures set up the structure of the house; outer sections of pitched corrugated iron roofs wrap and frame the house, these fit within the building envelope and create a relationship with the existing houses of the area, while a flat-roofed, lightly shaped, wooden-clad element running between the pitched roofs houses the garage, bedrooms and pool. The relationship between these two gestures creates varying geometries and spaces with differing characters, materials and levels of light.”
A contemporary-style sunken courtyard welcomes residents and guests, offering privacy with trees and gardens stepping down toward the main entrance.
Modern interiors match the striking exterior to a T. Crisp white walls are in sharp contrast to the warm wood floors and ceilings, and massive glazed walls seem to launch you right into the landscape.
Ceilings alternate between low and intimate, and high and carved-out, with wood detail adding interest overhead.
Unlike most ceilings, this one instantly grabs your attention and holds it as you move through the different living areas.
Of course, the glass walls and views give the sculptural ceilings a run for their money!
This dining area really makes you feel like you’re eating alfresco, enclosed in glass walls that blur the line between indoors and out.
The interiors have a subtle yet totally bizarre alfresco look and feel, thanks to interior elements that echo what you might find outdoors – from the skylights overhead, to the “grassy” green rugs and even the swimming pool area, boasting barely-there, floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a view that seems to take you right out into nature.
The earthy, cave-like den is finished in a cool gray and white palette, with a warm wood ceiling and a hot little fireplace that heats up this cozy space.
A set of green-covered stairs leads up and down, through wood ceilings with “windows” cut into them.
This indoor pool area is finished with wood walls, vertical timber planks that almost remind us of a fence – illumination and all!
Here are some floor plans of this three-level house design:
Parsonson Architects
via Contemporist
photo credit: Paul McCredie


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