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House with Creative Ceilings and Glass Floors

Located in Jakarta, Indonesia, F+W House was designed by DP+HS Architects around a central corridor created with glass floors and ceilings that allow natural sunlight to spill into the center of each of the 3-stories. The house utilizes the central corridor as a horizontal and vertical circulation passage with rooms on either side of it on each of the 3 stories. With the corridor centrally located, the sunlight passively lights up the otherwise windowless area.
On the main floor, the corridor is a long void with the living, dining and kitchen areas on one side.

F+W House is located on a cul-de-sac.
F+W House shares an exterior wall with its neighbor.
While the side of the home shares a wall with its neighbor, the back of the home overlooks a lush green space.
A private and quiet glass room on the roof offers views to the sea a few km to the north.
The pool is located on the 2nd floor, next to the social zone.
The ceiling of the social zone is designed to resemble the water ripples on the pool’s surface.
A mirrored section above the media center reflects the ceilings water ripples, continuing the pattern onto the vertical realm.
On the opposite side of the social zone is the central corridor with its glass floor and ceiling. There are also air outlets in the glass roof for hot air removal and cross ventilation.
Aside from letting daylight flood into the center of the home, the glass floor and ceiling offer views to the other levels.
Downstairs the corridor is more contained with doorways leading to separate, smaller rooms. With each room completely separate to the corridor, DP+HS Architects where able to create a different design scheme per room.
The master bedroom features its own unique relief pattern within the ceiling. The pattern is decidedly geometric as is the zig zag pattern in the headboard and the 6 square etchings in the mirrored panel above the bed.
A second bedroom has a more abstract design within its ceiling detail of grey voids and white positives.
A third bedroom is “super” fun with its vintage wall motif.
The master bath has a quieter almost Zen like atmosphere.
A second “just for men” bathroom is a minimalist design of just the necessities.
A family room amps up the volume by wrapping the wallpaper up and across the ceiling.
The home theater takes advantage of a deep relief pattern in the ceiling for acoustical enhancement.
DP+HS Architects
Photography by Mario Wibowa and DP+HS Architects.
With the improvements in glass structures, more and more architects are adding glass floors to their designs, some to create a path for sunlight as in this house and others to offer views of landscape and beaches below such as in boulder perching homes designed to extend out and over a beach below.


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