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Blanco kitchen sink – new BLANCOSTATURA compact sink with retractable faucet

The new Blancostatura compact sink by Blanco represents a whole new approach to the compact kitchen sink design. There is an extraordinarily large selection of compact sinks to meet your needs for versatility, combined with space-saving regards. After all, even in a smaller urban living area, the sink is the area of the kitchen which must adapt to meet so many different uses. In order to ensure freedom of movement, especially when handling large pieces of crockery, there is a special draining grille and overflow device. The Statura sinks can be installed in many different ways with various mounting options so unconventional space can be put to greater use. And with the use of retractable Blanco kitchen faucet BLANCOELOSCOPE-F, the sink can be completely covered with kitchen cutting boards flat with countertop, to increase your work space. In optimum quality stainless steel, the Blancostatura from Blanco can be as individual as those who use it.


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