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Retractable Kitchen Faucet by Blanco

These striking, angular new Blanco kitchen faucets are Blancoelos Control and Blancoeloscope-F. Designed in Germany, both of these chic high pressure kitchen faucets come with your choice of a faultless chrome or satin polish stainless steel finish to complement their modern styling. Deceptively simple, the Blancoelos Control faucet swivels a full 360 degrees for your convenience. The Blancoeloscope-F is a retractable faucet that can be adjusted to the height you desire. This design is a special window solution that enables you to place the sink directly in front of the window. It can be retracted in any position, and so always remains fully functional, even with the window open. Geometric forms with an eye on future trends, the Blancoelos Control and Blancoeloscope-F faucets are from Blanco.


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