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Beautiful Living Space by Casamanara is Designed to Enjoy Every Minute of It

This beautiful space, by Casamanara (an international interior architecture firm with headquarters in Monaco), is designed so you can enjoy every single minute you spend in it. And there aren’t many addresses better in the world than 476 Broadway, New York. The location is already the stuff dreams are made of and the interior of this apartment puts it over the top. This is a 2,500 square foot loft in an iconic building in Soho that begs you to come in and be comfortable. The industrial shell and high ceilings are perfect for this look. Notice how the exposed pipe at the ceiling has all been painted to match the wall. It blends in well, but the industrial influence is there. It’s subtle, but sets the tone. Sliding glass walls are perfect – the space is so open. The couches look so welcoming and comfy – isn’t it because almost the entire color palette is present in furniture pieces, pillows and carpets? The Royal Blue kitchen is also part of this gorgeous relaxing space. And those windows and views. We love the tall slender window in the TV/Media room. And that view! Give our regards to Broadway – 476 to be exact.

Photos by: Evan Joseph


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