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Industrial steel stilt house with open main level

The Nest House in Thuan An, Vietnam is the latest project from local architecture firm a21studio, named for and inspired by a bird’s nest. Perched high above the busy city streets, this raised house plan sits on stilts, offering unobstructed views and privacy to its owner, a reporter for an architectural magazine with a taste for one-of-a-kind house designs and unusual architectural features. Working to the client’s high standards and tight budget, the architects came up with this culturally and climate appropriate housing style that stands out among its more conventional neighbors. Here’s the tour.

This light structure features a frame-like facade of steel and clad in sheet metal, replacing the traditional concrete and brick buildings surrounding it, lending an industrial look that is edgy, understated and ultra modern, all at once.
Creeping in between the steel columns and beams, leafy vines and bright green plants bring this building to life, literally.
The home’s ground level is an open space with an interior feel, sheltered by the enclosed upper level – the “nest” if you will. Without walls, windows or doors, this main level lures you in from the street with its odd sense of style and space. You can’t help but find your eye wandering through to explore all its not-so-subtleties.
Following the eclectic tiled floor from the patio into the house itself, you’re welcomed into an indoor-outdoor living area and kitchen, complete with seating, fresh air and garden views. Just outside the home’s metal frame, leafy trees become like walls, encircling these open interiors and providing privacy, courtesy of Mother Nature.
The alfresco living area and kitchen reminds us of a patio, with its casual – cool style. A timber pot rack mounted to the wall is rough and rustic, tying in with the trees and branches outdoors. The deck and floor tiles move from inside and out, working their way up the island to transform this traditional kitchen essential into something that really stands out in this space.
The missing front and rear walls create a wonderful visual and physical openness overlooking the lush landscaped garden on the other side, expanding this limited living area beyond the home’s walls.
Like the floor and island, the walls, ceiling and stairs are a mishmash of patterns and textures, echoing the industrial look and feel of the facade.
A set of steel stairs leads you up to a pair of enclosed bedrooms overhead.
These interiors bring new life to old and unused elements as an economical and functional solution to the small budget while complementing the home’s urban- casual aesthetic.
Between its corrugated steel walls and ceilings, the deep stairwell floods the otherwise enclosed landing with some natural light.
In sharp contrast to the open main floor, the upper level is closed off and private, but boasting the same material palette and industrial edge.
The wood slatted floor is an unexpected element that brings natural light up from below.
Bringing small but vibrant pops of color to the white exterior and simple interiors, the orange, green and yellow windows become like built-in artwork framing snapshots of the surrounding city.
By night, this outdoor living house plan glows warmly, inviting its residents to enjoy the evening air and the soothing sounds of nightfall.
Here are some floor plans. starting with the ground floor:
First floor:
Long section:
Front elevation:

via Arch Daily
photo credit: Hiroyuki Oki


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