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Beach Cottage Home in Australian Beach Paradise

Like a shard of metal breaking through the earth’s surface, this beach cottage design (dubbed “Klein Bottle House”) by Melbourne-based architecture firm McBride Charles Ryan also breaks the boundaries of conventional residential architecture. Located in Rye, Australia, this modern vacation home is surrounded by sand dunes and beaches along the Mornington Peninsula. The architects started with the idea of a spiral in this modern beach cottage, and built it based on that concept of fluidity and movement. The floor plan follows natural topographic curves, thus the unusual house plan unfolds like a piece of origami. Weird and wonderful angles and many facades make up the home exterior and set the tone for equally unpredictable and contemporary interiors. “The development was intense – the serious pursuit of joyful nonsense. The result we think is a unique shape and internal space; an unexpected entry sequence and series of new relationships between the traditional components of the home,” explains the architect. This Australia home design is certainly a geometric wonder, framed in steel and clad in lightweight cement. As an added layer of innovation to this stylish yet eco sustainable cottage, this design incorporates a water harvesting system, double-glazed thermal windows, and a central courtyard creates passive cooling and cross ventilation. McBride Charles Ryan
via World Buildings Directory



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