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Batti’s Placentero Chair – the Placenta chair

Designed by a young Argentinean designer Batti, the fiberglass Placentero lounge chair got its name from combination of two words linked to the pregnancy period, “placenta” and “pleasure”. The pregnancy “pleasure” part is arguable but what do we know… The chair itself is pleasurably comfortable – “giving [you] the chance to make any movement and create whichever the position you like”. It seems to be stable in any position, even when is upside-down. By Brion Arte Industrial, Argentina (click on the red dot on top…)
How did they come up with the Placentero chair design …?

“We had performed an investigation about the experiences the human beings have before birth. This took us to meet some techniques of recreation of this natural situation … As a result of this deep investigation, this lounge chair design came almost naturally – it is able to hold a person and give the possibility to connect with himself …” Weighs 70 Pounds (32 Kg). The seat’s leather comes in multiple colors. The outside sphere plastic surface is fiberglass and is finished with coat-gel which helps to erase scratches using polish paste.
Placentero colors


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