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Batti Plus Footstool and Portal Chair – new addition to Batti Placentero Chair collection

When faced with the crescent shaped Portal chair, one cannot help but be awed by it’s clean lines and simplicity. A new addition to the Batti Placentero Chair collection, the Portal chair continues the curving comfort and style made famous by the original. In addition to the Portal chair, Batti has also created the Plus Footstool to complement the original Placentero Chair. Both new additions feature a fibreglass shell that cradles a plush leather upholstery. The Batti Placentero Chair collection takes an innovative approach to seating. Their chairs offer a freedom and flexibility, they are designed to let you curl up or stretch out in a multitude of ways, offering you a personalised comfort. The Batti Plus Footstool is an egg like shape that mirrors the sweeping cradle of the Placentero. The simple curving form creates an elegant accompaniment to an already fabulous chair. The Batti Portal chair by contrast creates a rocking lounge chair. It comes to two high points, between which the user is supported by luxurious leather. It offers a contrast to the spherical Placentero Chair while retaining the same curving style. Both the new Plus Footstool and the Portal Chair are fabulous additions to the already acclaimed range of Batti designs. Read more at Mocoloco.


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