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Hottest Bathroom Trends for 2019

As the year is coming to an end it is time to begin taking a look at the hottest and latest trends for 2019. Keeping that in mind, we wanted to begin taking a look at the hottest bathroom trends for 2019. While the bathroom might not seem like such a “special area” it sure is one of the most used spaces of the home right next to the kitchen. With that being said, here are the hottest bathroom trends for 2019.

Full Exposure

For that full exposure, feel go minimal as part of your bathroom counter and keep an airy feel throughout.

The bathroom tends to have multiple layers where everything is typically hidden or well organized, for 2019 there will be a sense of openness in the space. Think of it as the new way of exposing the area and giving it a classic open floor plan feel. This look will be achieved with crystal shower doors and less bulky counter spaces.

Hardware Anyone?

If you aren’t keen on showcasing the hardware or pipelines of your sink, you could get a professional to minimalize your hardware and just showcase little bits and pieces of it instead.

Keeping with the theme above, hardware will also make a huge statement with it being exposed. Hardware and pipelines will be seen as an artistic form of expression the key is having the hardware appear as part of the décor instead of something that needs to be concealed.

Concrete is Getting a Make Over

If you really want to warm the room and still have concrete as the main focus of the room, work with richer and deeper hues of wood that embrace the space and make it feel intimate.

Although concrete has always been seen as cold and stark this year it is getting a warmer approach by being incorporated seamlessly into the décor. It will no longer stand on its own, instead, it will be seen as part of the room. Pair with wood accents to further emphasize the warmth concrete is will exposing.

Subways Tiles on the Wall

Whether you use colorful tiles or simply white ones you want to use the same pattern time and time again to achieve the same cohesive look.

Even though subway tiles have always been a staple material they traditional are combined with other materials, for 2019 they will be exposed on their very own. The idea is to have them throughout the entire room, the same tiles repeated time and time again.

Time to Make a Mirror Statement

Go big or go home. When you want to make a big statement go bold with a large and daring mirror that will make a huge impact regardless of how simple your decor is.

Who doesn’t love a good mirror? Well, this 2019 a statement will be made with bold mirrors. Mirrors are not only necessary, but they bring the most out of a room that needs expanding. The key is having a bold mirror that screams elegance and beauty.

Freestanding Tubs

A beautiful freestanding tub is perfect when you have a large bathroom. It works because it takes up some of the foot space you would want covered for a more cohesive look.

Despite many of us having showers in our bathrooms, freestanding tubs are becoming the new normal for this upcoming year. The latest trend to take over is freestanding tubs they will be the main focus of the bathroom with little to no additional décor.

Fine Art

If you have a minimalist bathroom, adding a fine piece of art is perfect as it adds color, texture, and appeal. 

Fine art is coming to the bathroom in a chic manner. Adding art to the bathroom is one of the best ways to bring beauty and sophistication without having to overwhelm the room with décor. Rose Gold When it comes to metals rose gold is making its big reveal this upcoming year. It will be the seasons most used décor and will be seen throughout the entire room, whether it be as part of the walls, or even in the bathtub area.

Wood Basins

Wood basin are not as popular just yet, but they’re making a huge impact in 2019! Mainly due to how simplistic they are and how modern they appear.

Wood is huge in the kitchen but it’s coming to take over the bathroom as well. Having a wood basin is different but you want to have one that has been sealed with a waterproof silicone. This will prevent mold or any other things that might happen when you are wetting wood repeatively.


Modern has been a trend all-throughout this year and it will continue to be next year especially minimalist decor.

I bet by now you have already guessed it, minimal décor is coming in HOT! For the bathroom, you want crisp lines that are bold yet minimalist at the same time. It’s the contrast that you want to create in the area all at once.

Are you ready for the new year? What other trends would you like us to cover? Please lets us know your thoughts below.


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