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Barn House DéCor You Need in Your Home

Rustic, cozy, and charming, are the best words used to describe a barn house. There is also something very natural about having barn house décor even in the most modern homes. However, giving your home, a barn house twist may seem like a challenge as you may not know exactly what pieces will work with what you already have. We have done the work for you and have found 10 barn house décor pieces that not only work well with all the décor you may currently have, but they are pieces that are sure to add a little bit more charm to your home.

White and Blue Hues

Blue and white hues combined together provide a country feel that just looks as authentic as can be. These colors work beautifully together because of there diverse ability to add a brightness to any area they are placed in. Even when you are working with a darker palette in the home. 

Barn house décor typically have two things in common lots of wood items and multiple different shades of white and blue. Blue and white are classic shades that work well with any color scheme and décor. Select different shades of blue and white from the richest deep shades to the lightest and place them in different areas of your home including the kitchen and bathroom.

Trestle Table

Although this table does not have an X as part of the bottom of the table it is a trestle table because of how the legs of the table are constructed. The distressed area of this table paired with elegant chairs provides an elevated country chic feel that is elegant all at once.

The beauty of the design of this table is its X-based design. This design dates back all the way to the middle ages. It was so popular because of its ability to allow more people to sit at the table at once. Therefore, if you have a large family this will work for you. The key is having an unpolished or painted wood. You want the table to feel as authentic as possible with all its wooden features.

Metal Kitchen Hood

There is something very edgy yet country chic about having a metal hood in your kitchen. Elevate the appearance of your hood by having a textured metallic look. The texture on the hood will bring character to your kitchen. This is also great if you have a kitchen with numerous different colors as the metallic feature of the hood will blend right in. 

The hood in your kitchen is typically the main focus of the space. One of the main reasons for this is because of how bold it can be. Why not dress it up accordingly? The best way to do this is to change your kitchen hood for a metal one instead. Adding a metal hood to your kitchen will elevate the space and bring a bold focal point into the kitchen area.

Bold Patterns

If you really want to give your home that country feel add a red and white patterned sofa. The sofa will provide all of the rich country feeling while still being rich in character. In addition to that, it will add color and feel crisp against your other modern pieces.

Nothing screams “barn house” quite like having bold classic patterns. When we say classic patterns, we are referring to checkered print, and stripes. These two prints are traditional and will get the job done when you want to add a barn house fell to your home with just a few pieces. Add a patterned rug, accent pillows, or even an accent chair in one of these prints.

Brick Fireplace

 A brick fireplace works perfectly in a bedroom because it adds an extra touch of warmth in the room in the most subtle way. This is perfect when you want to create a cozy atmosphere that works with your current color scheme.

Most homes offer a fireplace. However, a brick fireplace will give your home that cozy feel that farm homes are well known for. The brick feature adds to the beauty of the space while feeling rustic and unique. Plus, let’s not forget the mantle above your fireplace is an excellent area to add holiday décor as well as small trinkets.

Exposed Kitchen

Add hints of color here and there when you are working with an exposed kitchen. Doing so will break down the large amounts of wood while providing color all at the same time. Add rustic light fixtures to complete the look. On top of having wood be a large part of your kitchen consider having your pots and pans on display for an even more authentic feel.

Not everything in your kitchen needs to be painted or covered up. Consider having exposed wood all throughout your kitchen space. As an alternative to having exposed wood throughout your kitchen keep the space as natural as possible. The more natural the kitchen appears the more-cozy and farm like it will feel.

Pastel Bedroom

In a pastel room. It is very important to have some sort of pattern and/or a hint of bolder color. The reason being if the room is too pastel there will be no focal point or intricate aspect about it. Creating a focal point is important in order to bring your entire decor together.

Thinking of changing the color of your bedroom? If so, look no further and choose a pastel color. Pastels work great because they are a tad darker than white. Therefore, they work extremely well in the any space they are used in. In addition to that different pastel hues in your bedroom will feel calm and soothing which will help you feel more relaxed at the end of the day.

Pops of Yellow

Pops of yellow work beautifully everywhere. This is exceptionally true when it comes to the kitchen. A bright kitchen does not always have to involve painting your kitchen a bold color. Instead, you can have pops of yellow that brighten up the space instantly. Add yellow plates, or even a yellow tea kettle to complete the look.

There is something very country about adding pops of color throughout a space. Which is why we love the idea of having pops of yellow throughout the home. In fact, we love the idea of having a hint of yellow everywhere in the entire home. Take into account having yellow flowers or even yellow patterned pieces to add character to a space that needs a little hint of color in a subtle way.

Eclectic Gallery Wall

The beauty of having a gallery wall is that it works in every room possible while still being chic and beautiful. Its beauty stems from collaging all of your beloved items in one place. You can add as many quotes or images that mean something to you or will add character to the space.

Gallery walls work great in all spaces they are placed upon because of how much character and personality they bring to space. The idea is to create a collage of pieces of art, wording, and/or both that add that hint of YOU into the décor. Have a larger than life gallery wall that embraces your area and makes your home feel more cozy and personal all at once.

Distressed Wood

Distressed wood can be used and showcased anywhere. If you do not know how to incorporate a distressed piece of furniture in your home. Consider having a bench. A bench is an excellent piece of furniture that will enhance the space and make it cozy while still bring character. A bench is perfect for an awkward corner or even as an extra seating area.

Wood is huge in barn homes as it looks natural and feels cozy. Add distressed wood to your home for that instant barn house feel. Even in a modern decorated home, a few distressed wooden items will elevate the space into a cozier home. The idea is to brighten up the space in a simple yet charming way.

To conclude, your home may only need a few barn house pieces to feel a little cozier. Please let us know which of these ideas do you want to incorporate into your home.


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