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Altmans Bathroom Faucet – new luxury Caribe and Nuva faucets

[New Product Coverage from KBIS 2008]
Altmans Caribe bathroom faucet in satin gold
Enjoy these new luxury faucets from Altmans … “For more than three decades, Altmans has set the industry standard for creating distinctive faucets and fittings that summon uniquely personal emotions. Those innovative designs drew the world’s elite clients through the door – then President Gerald Ford, Steven Spielberg, Prince of Saudi Arabia, Cher, John McEnroe, plus luxury hotel projects worldwide, including Caesar’s Palace and Trump Casino. Now the company offers new looks, unparalleled custom combinations and range of value choices that let each customer embrace a creative vision – from sophisticated and sleek modern to updated and classy timeless traditional. Caribe bathroom faucet with Swarovski crystal prism handles (above) is the timeless beauty. It travels to a breathtaking era of romance, grandeur and royal indulgence. Light streams through the finely cut facets of handles set in fine Swarovski cut crystal. Caribe faucet makes a crowning statement set in Satin Gold. Nuva bathroom faucet (below) is a symphony of symmetry which celebrates the simple shapes of Nature, tracing a spare silhouette in delicate circles, like gentle drops of falling water piercing a secluded pool. Rich earthy tones of Oil Rubbed Bronze convey a radiant warmth that says relax. Linger.”
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