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Luxury Kitchen Designs That Feature Waterworks

Even though most of us will spend a huge chunk of our evenings in the living room relaxing after a long day the most well used and well-loved space in a home is actually in the kitchen. There is something about being in the kitchen and having a place where everyone comes together to share a meal. Designing a kitchen that is functional yet has everything you have ever envisioned is a little more complex because of all the designing options you may come across.  Here are a few of our favorite luxury kitchen designs that feature waterworks that we think will inspire you to want to upgrade your current kitchen décor.

Rose Gold

Gray is a great color to pair with rose gold accessories. In fact. consider using multiple different shades of gray to get the most out of this color combination. Having them paired together will bring out the softer shades of gray and the richer gold tones in rose gold.

Rose gold is not only a staple and trend in jewelry this season it is also a luxury metal to have in your kitchen. Consider having a rose gold kitchen sink faucet combined with marble countertops for the ultimate contrast that works well with numerous different kitchen decorative elements. You may want to keep the rest of your décor a bit more-simple to give your rose gold faucets the spotlight.


The great thing about marble is that it looks great anywhere it is placed. It appears luxurious, rich in color, and no two marble pieces are ever the same. With that being said surrounding your faucet with a marble countertop brings out the beauty of your faucet design.

Marble has always been a top favorite for the kitchen and when it comes to luxury kitchen designs it does not stay behind. The reason why marble is so popular is because it appears as rich and luxurious as it really is. Pair marble countertops with a rich, deep tone kitchen faucet for a bold contrast that immediately upgrades your kitchen style.

Double Sinks

Having two sinks just makes sense which is the beauty of it. There are numerous benefits to have double sinks which is why we love this idea. Plus let’s not forget you can always upgrade your sinks and make them as modern as you would like. If you decide to go the marble routine for your kitchen use two or more different types of marble for a trendy twist. 

There is something very luxurious about having double sinks in your kitchen. Plus, let’s not forget it extremely useful as well. Double sinks allow you to have more space for washing your hands, handling kitchen necessities, and much more. Have two double sinks one in front of one another or right next to each other for the ultimate upscale look and feel.

Kitchen Island Waterworks

Having a kitchen island is great. It is multifunctional and you can customize it to your liking at any moment. If you are not a fan of having a unique faucet on your kitchen island go for a more traditional look this will give you a luxurious take that is also traditional and classic.

Kitchen islands have become quite popular over the years. One of the main reasons being we have become more aware of how convenient kitchen islands can be. Having a kitchen island with a unique water faucet can give the room the modern yet traditional feel you may seek. Due to this, let’s not forget it also brings together your entire kitchen décor with an elegant feel.

All White

Having a white faucet is a very contemporary move because it is not traditional at all. However, it works extremely well when you are working with an all-white palette. You can always go the traditional route and use silver. Nevertheless, an all-white palette with a white faucet will make the neutral impact you seek. 

Take it up a notch and have a completely white kitchen, including your kitchen waterworks. The idea is to have a crisp, clean kitchen with little to no color. Having a white faucet can be a bit intimidating, but it works beautifully against an all-white decorated kitchen space. If white is a bit intimating, consider using silver instead. It is still subtle enough to have in a white kitchen bit with just the right amount of flair.

Unique Faucet

Although, having a unique faucet may be the last thing you think about when decorating your kitchen. It can help brighten up the space and give you that trendy touch you need. Consider using a faucet that offers two different faucets in one including an extender handle. The extender handle is functional and trendy. 

Instead of having a traditional faucet, consider having a faucet with an intricate touch to it. To create the intricate aspect with a kitchen faucet, you can choose a faucet with a unique shape, color, style, or even texture. The key is to have a staple piece in the kitchen that adds an irreplaceable effect. Having this feature will add a contemporary twist to your kitchen space.


The elegance a black faucet adds to a kitchen is indescribable. Its elegant, put together, and trendy. On top of that, it is also a gorgeous addition to any decor you may currently have. Keep it fresh by only having a few black pieces surrounding your faucet. This will keep your eyes directly on the all black detailing. 

If you already have a well put together kitchen and simply want to add to your kitchen space a twist of luxury and modern a black faucet and waterworks will do the trick. Having a black faucet adds an elegant appeal to your kitchen. There is a richness that a dark hue such as black will create in the kitchen space. This is especially true when it is paired against a neutral palette. The black hue will stand out and create a bold contrast between the two.

Gold Handle

Golden handles are great if you want an understated metallic feel. However, if you want to go all out go for a fully golden faucet. The bold statement of having a golden faucet will bring out all the rich tones in the room. Allow the rest of the room a calming yet neutral hue the ultimate balance between the two. 

Having metallic tone kitchen waterworks can sometimes be a bit much. However, having gold handles can be exactly what you need for a metallic touch. Metallic is bold and trendy. Therefore, having bits and pieces of a metallic hue brightens up the space as well as adds a modern beauty to it.

Matching Pieces

Create the luxurious feel that you seek by matching your faucet to your appliances. Doing so adds that little extra touch of trendy that simply works well together. This is especially true if you are working with a colorful palette or using more then one hue in the space.

The idea is to have all of your appliances including oven, refrigerator, and coffee machine one color. Whether that is sterling silver, white, black, or even gold the option is up to you. Having all of your pieces match one another adds a well put together appearance that is also very trendy. This look works well in every kitchen, regardless of the décor you currently have. The best aspect about this is you will not have to change your entire décor to get this look simply match all of your appliances.


Bronze is a great statement color because it is rich, and bold without being black. If you do not want to go with a fully black faucet bronze is an excellent option. The trick is to have other bronze items in the same space in order to bringthe entire decor together.

Although we have mentioned dark hues bronze is a must-have color. Bronze works great because of how rich and luxurious it looks and feels. Have a bronze faucet and kitchen waterworks for the richness you seek. The right shade of bronze can add a hint of color into the space while still being understated.

To conclude, it may be time to give your kitchen the ultimate waterworks upgrade. Which of these ideas do you want to include in your kitchen? Please let us know in the comments below.


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