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Alno Kitchen Gets Cooking with Three Ovens, Two Wine Coolers and One Awesome Style


If you’re a chef, or just love the finer things in life, then this kitchen by Alno is a must-see. Dressed to the nines, including a trio of ovens, a pair of wine fridges and an overall style that equals culinary perfection, this kitchen certainly serves up a healthy helping of fashion and function.


Starting with the backdrop – the rustic wood floor and the exposed brick wall – the kitchen has a classic country appeal that instantly evokes that feeling of “home.” Contrasting the warmer elements, the kitchen is punctuated by pops of crisp white cabinets and black granite countertops, with a combination of wood, paint and metal. Rusticity and modernity aside, luxury is not lost on this amazing space. Two wine fridges offer plenty of storage for the chef’s prized collection of vinos, while three ovens gracing the adjacent wall mean the space can accommodate any menu – appetizers, main, and dessert that will make you drool.


And speaking of lip-smacking… the kitchen’s earthy, organic palette is enough to make any mouth water. The soft grays and browns are highlighted by plenty of natural light spilling in through a large arched window, and the grand openings positioned on either side of the left-hand countertop. A peek-a-boo window on the right-hand side of the countertop serves to connect the kitchen with the social spaces of the home, ensuring the chef is always in the middle of all the action – wherever that may be!


For more information, visit Alno.


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