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Cooking Table from Alno – the fantasy kitchen island

Since the beginning of time the center of every kitchen and home has been its hearth and table. For generations it is here that families have gathered together cooking, eating and bonding. Though our lives and families have changed these elements are still integral to the modern kitchen, and in the LongIsland Cooking Table Alno accommodates them in a compact flexible space. The LongIsland Cooking Table features a fixed cooking block of stainless steel with a flush-fit ceramic hob. Running through the solid metal block is a sliding table, that doubles as both worktop and dining space. Supported by a single leg at each end, the table slides easily from left to right, while remaining sturdy and stable. Perfect as an alternative kitchen island, the Alno Cooking Table offers a flexibility that accommodates a variety of styles. If baking, the table can be pulled entirely out for a wide open workspace. If intensively using the ceramic cook-top, the table can be positioned half way through for workspace on either side. Despite its compact size, the ceramic hob provides four cooking zones thus offering all the convenience of a normal cook-top. Available in either a wood veneer or laminate, the table top features bamboo/oak, walnut/zebrano or white/mango finishes. The Alno kitchen island offer a flexible contemporary centre piece for modern home and life.


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