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Modern European Kitchens – the spring colors of ALNO contemporary kitchens

Founded in 1927, ALNO started as a small carpentry shop in Wangen bei Goppingen. The hand-crafted traditions and exceptional quality found in that small business are still the foundations of ALNO today. As their business has expanded, ALNO have opened local branches across Europe, ensuring the innovations and style of the whole continent are reflected in their fabulous kitchen lines. Now as spring begins to bloom, ALNO offers kitchens that focus on dynamic colours for a vibrant atmosphere. Each kitchen features sleek laminate doors that are silky and sensual, but ALNO creates a unique and distinctive effect in each style.
The ALNOGrand here in lime green creates a fabulous graphic style by mixing several colours into a single unit. An intelligent and metropolitan style, the ALNOGrand transforms the kitchen itself into a modern work of art. The solid blocks of vivid lime green doors are broken up by bands of black and apple green cabinets. On the right a large pantry is nearly invisible rather than oppressive as the shiny black doors reflect the room around it. The solid color on each laminate door of this contemporary kitchen, reinforces a structure and rigidity of these sophisticated cabinets. The ALNOGrand combines a small pallet of colours into a distinctive and individual style that accents the individual shape and personality of your kitchen.

An important effect of Color which is often forgotten, is its power to evoke feeling and emotion. Even though the ALNOArt Pro in its modest cappuccino may not look as impressive or daring, it uses color to create an inviting an serene kitchen. On a day to day basis we don’t want lives of stress and excitement. For many they want a modern European kitchen in which to relax and recuperate. The ALNOArt Pro offers smooth unbroken walls of high-gloss finish for a warm sensual effect. Each lacquered glass door is framed in moulded aluminium for a simple minimalist style. When paired with the trendy and durable stainless steel counter top, the ALNOPro gleaming glossy cabinet fronts make for a bright and open kitchen. A modern lacquered kitchen that soothes the soul, the ALNOPro shows even subtle colours can be stunning.
In contrast, the ALNOTech Pro uses bold black and fiery red to create a serious no-nonsense kitchen. In the ALNOTech Pro full walls of solid color are only broken by the slender aluminium frame around each door. The powerful colours contrast and fight for dominance, creating a dramatic modern kitchen design. The cabinets are paired with a rich slate pattern worktop that soothes the straight ridged geometry with its soft organic swirls. The neutral grey surface wraps around the free-standing cabinets creating an island of swirling color that blend the chasm between red and black. A bold vibrant design that exudes energy, the ALNOTech Pro kitchen uses color to demand attention in this European kitchen design.
In the ALNOLook, the patterned work top becomes an integral aspect of the kitchen design. Here glossy mango lacquered doors are framed by nougat walnut-effect worktop, creating a modern wood kitchen that’s easy to maintain. The ALNOLook offers the essence of nostalgic summers with it’s wonderful retro style and warm sunny color. The bright sunny cabinets complement the rich organic grain of the work top for a warm happy atmosphere that reminds you of being outside on a bright summer day. In the ALNOLook, brilliant color not only brings back happy memories but brightens even the coldest winter months.
Finally in the ALNOChic, a lively high-gloss pistachio creates bright walls of solid color accented in a aluminium-silver. Bright and clean, the ALNOChic stretches your kitchen to its limits with wide drawers and cabinets. More modern detail is added with the fabulous glass shelves nested in the silver-aluminium island. Each shelf is under-lit by bars of brilliant light for a stunning geometric effect. The trendy pistachio adds a vivid splash of color to this modern European kitchen. The high-gloss lacquer shines with depth and beauty, wonderfully accented by stainless steel-effect cabinet handles. Modern lighting and color are combined for a bright open kitchen design.
ALNO take beautiful lacquer doors and create a huge range of kitchen styles and moods. Their careful attention to color stirs our hearts and desires, creating kitchens that are a pleasure to use. From serene to dramatic, ALNO can create the modern European kitchen that fits your life and home.


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