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Alien Faucet from Art Design

artdesign faucet alien 1 Alien Faucet from Art Design
The Alien Faucet from Art Design is like an interactive sculpture for the user to explore. A spiky joystick handle and an unfamiliar, jutting angle in the spout characterise the tap. In a highly distinctive feature, the water actually flows upwards from the spout, as it would from a water fountain. The Alien gleams in a flawless chrome finish. The cutting-edge, futuristic look of the faucet can seize your entire bathroom – matching fittings for all the water points in your bathroom are available. Stark, sharp lines make up the Alien faucet, which is sure to be a centrepiece in your bathroom. Contact Art Design for more information about bringing the Alien home.
The Flight is another unusual faucet with a strong linear stance…
artdesign faucet alien 3 Alien Faucet from Art Design