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3-floor House with Amazing Staircase and Infiniti Pool

modern house with glass fronts and generous terraces 1 thumb 630x420 27353 3 floor House with Amazing Staircase and Infiniti Pool

Overlooking a small German town, this modern house benefits from expansive beautiful views on the rooftops of the plain underneath. Taking advantage of the raised situation and of the slope of the terrain, architect studio Mo+ have designed this residence to have incredible infinity views. The infinity views open from the rooms, through floor to ceiling glass windows, from the terraces placed strategically in different corners and of course from the pool. The house’s geometrical volumes are perceived as light, thanks to the white facades and the many glazed surfaces. The discreet metal balustrade of the top floor terrace, that matches the metal frames of the doors and the windows, also emphasizes this feeling. The house is organized on three floors, which all have access to outdoors decks and terraces. The rooms on the bottom floor have direct access to a wooden deck in front and to the infinity pool located at the same level. The middle floor has front and corner glass facades, and the access to a second terrace is made through a big sliding glazed lateral door. The roof of the middle floor serves as front balcony for the top floor, with a recessed position compared to the two others. Thanks to this very smart disposition of spaces, the whole house is invaded by light and there is a very close relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces.

modern house with glass fronts and generous terraces 6 thumb 630x420 27355 3 floor House with Amazing Staircase and Infiniti Pool

Through the glazed corner of the house, the view on the sea of rooftops in only limited by the horizon.


The infinity pool ends dramatically, as if swallowed by the slope.


The interior alternates cold and warm surfaces, with exposed concrete walls and stairs and hardwood floors. Between the middle and top floors, the double height volume is flooded by light.


The balustrade that protects the staircase on the three floors is made up of a metallic handrail and a web of turquoise tensioned textile cables.



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