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Home with Infinity Pool and Glass Bottomed Pool Rendered in 3D

Residence One is part of part of the exclusive Zil Pasyon resort on the private island of Felicite in the Seychelles, there will only be a maximum of 17 villas on the island and all of them will be located on a hilltop with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. Residence One is designed by Studio RHE in a step format with the master suite occupying the complete 2nd level while the social zone as well as additional bedrooms are on the main level. The master suite features its own glass bottomed pool which doubles as a watery skylight to the social zone below.

Opening in 2015, all 17 homes are water or air access only and are approached via their own moat, bridge and 13′ high doorway. Each villa also has breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and each villa features both a 50ft infinity pool and glass-bottomed pool.
The island is a private and forested oasis with beautiful sandy beaches. It is a stunning location both from a distance and up close and each villa is positioned to be separate from the rest.
Who wouldn’t want to live in on this island paradise?
Aside from all the lush greenery, the island also features rocky cliffs and it is perched on top of these cliffs that the 17 villas are located.
Villa One is positioned on top of its hilltop site to take advantage of the views from as many locations inside as is possible. Designed as a two level home with the master suite up top and the social level below, the concrete construction of the home allows it to appear as a continuation of the rocky site it perches on.
The design of the home takes advantage of the slope of the hill by staggering the two levels with the infinity pool and terrace outside of the social zone much further forward then the pool above.
The staggering of the two levels centres the upstairs pool over the social zone and with its glass bottom it becomes a watery skylight casting ever-changing reflections on the floor below.
Upstairs the master suite is wrapped on three sides with glazings to take advantage of the never-ending ocean vistas and the glazings overlooking the pool can be slid back and out of the way to create a luxurious indoor-outdoor experience.
Who wouldn’t want to sleep and wake up to these views and how awesome to have your own private pool just outside the sleeping zone, it’s a little bit of paradise to call your own.
The master suite is large and spacious with a sleeping, lounging and study zone all within the main room and a walk in closet, ensuite, outdoor dining and lounging areas as well as that amazing glass bottomed pool completing the various zones within the 2nd story.
Residence One has three floor plan options for the main level. The first is with the dining and living areas parallel with the infinity pool and a U shaped kitchen just off of the dining room. A short hallway with a closet and powder room on either side leads to a private zone of two large and one small bedroom suites – each with their own ensuite.
The second layout is the same as the first with the exception of an expanded and deeper kitchen featuring a long island down the middle and a 4th bedroom suite on the other side of the infinity pool. To accommodate the extra bedroom suite and expanded kitchen, the two bedroom suites behind the social zone have been squared off with decks out to the side rather then towards the front.
The third layout expands the floor space even more with a 5th bedroom suite located where the kitchen is in the other two plans and the kitchen located down a shore hall from the dining area, behind the 5th bedroom suite.
Studio RHE
Zil Pasyon


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