Flexible Interior Design in Brazil

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Guto Requena has transformed an apartment in Brazil into a modern flexible interior design, resulting in a highly unique space. Lots of geometry, lots of color and texture and lots of interior style. The space used to have 4 bedrooms - now it as two. Needless to say, the whole floor plan has changed. We love the furnishing choices, the wall treatments and panelling - even the laundry room is something to see! But what is most appealing is the living flexibility the interior design offers. Sliding doors that reveal or conceal entire spaces, a kitchen table that rolls into different formations allowing for a very varied number of diners - from the structure to the furnishings, this home is made to accommodate its inhabitants and its guests and we like it.
image credit: Marcelo Magnani.







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Posted on February 17, 2012 10:40 PM
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