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Mirrored Chandelier: Uovo Black Pearl by Lasvit


This exquisite mirrored chandelier came to be through the collaboration of leading glass art firm Lasvit has collaborated and Czech product designer Rony Plesl. True to its name, the Uovo Black Pearl is a sparkling gem with a dramatic, mysterious air about it. Made using glass-blowing techniques, this large-scale chandelier is like art suspended from the ceiling, boasting a sculptural quality that sparkles, reflecting light in its many mirrored spheres ("uovo" is Italian for "egg"), available in gold and silver finishes. Virtually invisible wire holds each shimmering globe in place, adding to the light's enchanting appeal. The Uovo Black Pearl comes in two sizes, the large version measuring nearly two metres high, 1.2 metres wide and 130 kilograms in weight; the smaller pieces at 1.2 metres high, 800 metres wide and weighing 100 kilos. More details area available by visiting Lasvit.