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Flower Lighting Fixtures by LASVIT – exquisite Roza lighting collection

Even in the dead of winter, it’s easy to put a little spring into your style with these gorgeous flower lighting fixtures by LASVIT. The exquisite Roza lighting collection is inspired by – and named after – a rose. Designer Dan Pirsc executes this classical and timeless theme in a contemporary way, and in full bloom. Made of porcelain, the sculptural flower shade features “petals” artfully folded back, giving this traditionally rigid material some playful movement. These tabletop and ceiling fixtures look simply magical when illuminated. For more info visit LASVIT.
But the rose isn’t the only muse for lighting – here are some of out favorite flower fixtures: the Serien poppy lamp; the Quasar tulip lamp; the Elizabeth Lyons Glass Chandelier; the Jewel Collection crystal glass lighting; and the Bela Iguazu flower chandelier collection from Elk Lighting.



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