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Zephyr and ‘Burn Out’ Ethanol Fireplaces by Brisach

brisach ethanol fireplaces 1 Zephyr and Burn Out Ethanol Fireplaces by Brisach
French company Brisach has some fabulous ethanol fireplaces that’ll draw a crowd for their stylish look and warm, welcoming feel. The Zephyr ethanol fireplace is a contemporary, urban design that can be placed anywhere in the room thanks to its compact “floating” design. The stem features a stainless steel finish while the metal frame comes finished in black gloss with a see-through design that lets you enjoy the flame from every angle. The Burn Out ethanol fireplace was designed by Cedric Ragot to be a melange of art and furniture with elements of nature – leaf, shell and flame. This stunning floor model fireplace features a ceramic basin and metal feet, and makes an interesting focal point in any style space. For more on these modern fireplaces, visit Brisach.

brisach ethanol fireplaces 2 Zephyr and Burn Out Ethanol Fireplaces by Brisach



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