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Suspended Wood Fireplace from Brisach – Ovalie fireplace pivots 360 degrees

A wonderfully original idea – the Ovalie suspended wood fireplace from Brisach adapts to your home environment by pivoting a full 360 degrees – so you can benefit from its delightful warmth anywhere in the room. Likewise, this clever feature allows you to fully appreciate the eye-catching styling of this unique suspended fireplace. The imposing, bold black Anthracite metal form retains a surprising lightness due to its air-born position (it uses an ingenious central flue in the ceiling). Simplicity is the key to its silhouette: an uncomplicated suspended oval which cannot fail to capture one’s interest. Cracking warmth invites you to linger near the Ovalie fireplace. To make this wood-burning fireplace a part of your cozy home life, contact Brisach.



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