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Woven Patio Furniture – Ladybug Sofa and Chair by Schoenhuber Franchi

Show off your fun side with the Ladybug sofa and chair by Schoenhuber Franchi. This woven patio furniture is wonderfully whimsical, but maintains a poise befitting of grown-ups! Whatever your age, you’ll love to curl up in the woven lounge chair with a good book on a sunny afternoon. Or, share some moments of relaxation, snug on the woven sofa with a friend or two. The shape of the furniture will naturally shelter you from the sun’s rays or a drop or two of rain. But the attractive and practical ‘ladybug spot’ cut-outs will keep you cool and let the breeze pass through. Put your feet up on the matching Pouff and nestle into the comfy cushion of the Ladybug woven patio furniture by Schoenhuber Franchi this summer.
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