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Wood Stove from Sikken – Swiss steel stove with no glass

The Premium is a wood-burning steel stove from the Swiss company Sikken that offers the opportunity to enjoy real fire without the obstruction of glass. The stove presents something truly different: you can experience firsthand, within your home, the primal attraction of a blazing fire that’s safely confined within a solid steel structure. Closed, the stove is unobtrusive, yet intriguing. The magnetic door system lets the Premium wood stove open up invitingly – the fireplace is positioned up high in the structure to allow for an excellent view. The doors may also be opened to half position to function as protection from the radiation. Or, if you prefer, the fire can be fully enclosed behind the doors, letting the warmth filter through the steel. Available in the round shape from €17,800 (US $26,214), or the square shape from €16,700 (US $24,594), the Premium wood stove from Sikken is a durable practical luxury.


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