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Wood Inlaid Dining Table Set for Indoors and Outdoors by Deesawat


This solid wood “Wave” table has rustic written all over it – with a hint of Pennsylvania Dutch stencil work in the design. From the award-winning firm, Deesewat, these pieces are created by master craftsmen working with high quality teak from Thailand. And because outdoors is the new indoors, this table is perfectly comfortable in (and built for) either environment. The inlaid design is carved from the wood and filled with silicone – the same material used for ships’ decks, so you can be confident in its durability. Picnic table, patio table or dining room table – the choice is yours. Or take turns. In the summer put it out on the patio and in the winter, bring it back in! Despite its rustic overtones, the style is very much modern and although prominently curved and thus the “wave”, it also presents a subtle linear motion. Can’t you see this set in a room with a big stone fireplace? Or outside with nature around it? Or both?


The Wave is a rustic table of solid wood with an inlaid pattern. You can mix and match the seats – long benches or individual stools.


More information: Deesawat


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