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Wood House Extends Living Space Beyond Its Indoors

Award-winning Portland-based architecture firm Boora Architects featured wood as the star of this stunning house design, set on the Oregon coastline with 180-degree views of the forest, trees and the lake lapping at its feet. By incorporating ample outdoor entertaining areas, this home extends living spaces well beyond its 2,865 sq. ft. footprint. (In fact, these alfresco spaces increase the house by almost 1/3 its interior size.)

Timber appears at every turn, framing windows and working its way indoors. This creamy caramel tone envelops every inch of this home – ceilings, floors and walls; from the kitchen cabinets to various built in furniture items like beds and shelving throughout the home. By using a uniform material complemented by travertine and marble, the home enjoys a seamless flow from one living space to the next – an “open concept” feeling, if you will, achieved with walls in tact.
Three wings make up this home, forming a U shape to surround a central courtyard, offering privacy with inward focused views while opening the home up to the lovely lakefront vistas.
The upper level main living area boasts windows that stretch from 8 to a soaring 15 ft. tall, giving interiors a wonderful sun soaked glow while placing these social spaces among the treetops.
Just on the other side of expansive glass walls, sheltered decks and terraces (also in wood, of course) blend the home’s warm interior aesthetic and views of the lake in the distance.
The lower level of the home houses the private living spaces, like bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as a flex room, perfect for quiet contemplation that also converts to an extra guest room with accordion panels concealed within the walls.
By night, this beautiful wood country home glows like a beacon among the trees.
Boora Architects
via Archilovers
photo credit: Jon Jensen Photography


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