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Wood Fireplace Stove by Wittus – new Cubic

wittus fireplace stove cubic 1 Wood Fireplace Stove by Wittus   new Cubic
A perfect pairing of modern and rustic styles, this is the new Cubic wood fireplace stove by Wittus. The impressive size of the wood storing stove shown here is beautifully balanced by an unassuming matte black steel finish. Actually, there are 7 different models of Cubic available, either wall-mounted or floor-standing, each with a clever space at the side to keep wood tidy and accessible. Designed by architect Anders Norgaard, these stunning fireplaces are the new generation of Danish wood stove design. They each feature a thermal “air wash” system that constantly self-cleans soot from the clear glass fire door so you always have a clear view of the toasty fire inside. The integrated “cool” door handle is finger-tip controlled. Wittus have imported European wood fireplace stoves to America for 30 years. Contact them to find out more.
If you like the Cubic range, the Turn by Conmoto will also appeal… it’s a rotating wood burning fireplace.

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wittus fireplace stove cubic 2 Wood Fireplace Stove by Wittus   new Cubic



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