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These Wireless Lamps Revolutionize Lighting

Davide Groppi‘s wireless lamps are revolutionizing lighting with sleek portable design that focuses on function rather than the look. For designer, portability has become the main feature that he kept throughout the series of works.

To create a light a user could take with him anywhere, Groppi had to go with a minimalistic aesthetic, while LED was another obvious part of the equation to make portable lamps work.

Popup in interior
Popup table lamp
Popup table lamp and speaker
It combines light and music emanating from its speaker

Functionality, however, was not the sole goal of the designer. He also wanted to combine it with another type of beauty – music. That’s how Popup got its speaker feature, which makes it a perfect dining table addition, though its taller version called Tetatet offers a wider area of illumination.

From here the designer realizes his goal in a more straightforward way. He gives the Picnic light a lid-like shape that beckons the user to take it by the handle anywhere like an old-fashioned lantern that requires no fuel change except for battery recharging.

He saw an even easier way to transport light in the user’s body. But instead going for the flashlight, he created a pendant that one can wear to illuminate his path or project messages to the world around him.

These lights remind us of backlit furniture that is as multi-functional albeit less mobile, making light an integral part of decor rather than its accessory. Although we still appreciate the well-designed lighting fixtures, these high-tech lights have their place in contemporary homes.

Wireless Lamps by Davide Groppi

Tetatet in decor
Tetatet in decor
Tetatet LED lamp with rechargeable battery
Tetatet is a LED lamp with a rechargeable battery
Tetatet table lamp
It is the ultimate table lamp
Tetatet lamp
Towering above tableware it doesn’t get in the way, creating an intimate atmosphere
Picnic light
Picnic light
Picnic wireless lamps with rechargeable battery
Wireless lamps with rechargeable battery
Picnic lamp
You can take it anywhere you go
35 mm luminous LED pendant
35 mm luminous LED pendant
35 mm light pendant
35 mm is a wearable lightlight

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