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Whimsical Ceramic Vases and Bowls Adorned with 3d Blooms

Lush fields of flowers are the textural story of the “Ambition” vase collection through Janus et Cie. The delicate vases are created from ceramic and each is adorned with these whimsical 3d ceramic flowers. The vases come in 3 sizes and are each sold individually but creating a vignette of all 3 would create a stunning display.
The small vase is 7″Hx6″dia and I can imagine the fun juxtaposition of a handful of dandelions picked lovingly by a young child for their mother taking a proud spot front and centre on a dining table in this ever so exquisite ceramic vase.
The large size is 11″Hx10″dia and would be perfect for a selection of grasses or evergreen boughs. I envision this almost foot high vase holding down the fort on a foyer console table.
The extra large size is 19.5″Hx18″dia and for me this statement piece is a stand alone visual that creates the perfect sculptural moment kept empty while gracing a side table in a living room.

Row upon row of buds beginning to open surrounds these delicate porcelain vessels. Skilled ceramicists handcraft each individual bowl and then they are finished with a glaze that allows light to bounce off their many surfaces thereby highlighting the intricate bud motifs. While these bowls are not technically vases my preference would be to see a large blossom floating in a pool of water held within the interior void. The Bloom bowl comes in two sizes with the smallest being Medium at 4.75″Hx7.5″dia. Wouldn’t a row of 3 of these look spectacular down the centre of a dining table with each bowl holding a single white rose floating in a pale blue pool of water?
The large size of the Bloom Bowl is 6″Hx10.25″dia and is perfectly sized to grace the centre of a coffee table. A tiny potted plant could easily be tucked into this statement piece for a stunning display of organic and nonorganic plant forms.
The Ambition vase is not only a beautiful display of realistic imagery but it is also a study of positive and negative shapes and how light and shadow play off of each other. The story of light and dark can be further enhanced by placing this whimsical vase on a dark, reflective or colour-saturated surface. Imagine this delicate and curvaceous shape placed on a dramatically graphic zebra wood surface or contrasted against a modernist piece lacquered in high gloss Indigo, Lime Green or even Ferrari Red. For an even bolder statement the Ambition vase would create a story of contrasts placed on copper that has been naturally oxidized.
The Bloom Bowl is a circular statement that uses geometry as its basis. The row upon row of buds pressing against each other as they reach up to the light, opening their petals to reveal glimpses of what lies within is a study of repetition that is so visceral you can’t help but want to touch it. Here, too, the play of shadow and light is a large part of the design, but here, it is the choice of what you put in the bowl that will make the statement. Whether a single flower or a tiny potted plant as mentioned above, the bowl becomes the keeper of the focal point. Another statement option would be to place a rough gemstone, or perhaps a vintage key within the void. Of course, if you leave the Bloom bowl empty, the focus will stay on the multitude of ceramic buds themselves and you can’t go wrong with that.
Ambition through Janus et Cie
Bloom through Janus et Cie


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