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Fleetwood Multi-slide Doors and Ceramic Floors Define Beautiful House

This beautiful house located in California and built by Boswell Construction makes the most out the small plot of land it has at disposal. Despite the reduced size of the plot, there is a great balance between the indoors and outdoors spaces. The house is organized on two floors, with day-time areas of the ground floor and the private quarters on the top floor. The ground floor is all about open spaces, both horizontally and vertically. When we say open space we mean light at the same time, and the light that floods this space is multiplied by its own reflections in the white walls and shiny ceramic floor tiles. This social space is continued outside with an outdoors lounge and pool with deck. The link between these two spaces is very smartly done, by completely opening up two corners of the house. This is achieved technically by creating fully glazed corners and no apparent structure , with doors that slide completely into the walls. The main entrance area and one of the sitting corners benefit from a double ceiling height, which increases even more the feeling of openness. The light and the air circulate freely up and down and to the sides, thus creating also a good natural ventilation on both floors. The upstairs bedrooms are reached by crossing a bridge structure that overlooks the living area on both sides. By using frame-less glass balustrades the structure is kept very light and almost invisible.

The inside is divided into very distinct functional areas, with large empty spaces among them. There is a dining room and various sitting areas, creating different atmospheres and socializing opportunities.
The use of glass for furniture and other structural elements gives lightness and transparency to the whole space, and makes it look even wider.
The same principle of light is used on the upper floor for the bedrooms. The extra-large master bedroom has a glass corner that opens on a generous balcony. Floors change to cozier wood on this level, but the walls are kept immaculate white. A beautiful textile bed with a tall soft headboard dominates the room. More coziness is achieved by integrating a fireplace into the wall that faces the bed.
Neutral colors are used for the bathrooms, and the preferred materials are mosaic on the walls and larger ceramic tiles on the floors.
The master bathroom has a live-in size and the floors are covered in precious white marble. The glass double shower cabin is extra large and comfortable and there is a freestanding tub for those moments of lush relaxation.
The outdoor universe complements the indoors with a comfortable dining and lounge area. A built-in rain shower serves the pool area and creates like a water curtain between the lounge and the deck.


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