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Charming and creative ways to decorate your table for Fall

Once fall enters the scene, it’s time for the holidays. There is almost an air of coming together that happens once the leaves begin to change. In theory, it’s also the time, many of us begin to have a constant flow of guests. However, how many times can you decorate and redecorate your dining table? We are here to the rescue with our guide on charming and creative ways to decorate your fall table. These are great when you want a table that will remain the same the entire time yet adds to the room’s decor.

Decorate with Jewel Tones

Pair your jewel tone with richer, darker shades for an edgy almost mystical approach

For this table, you want to bring in essential fall colors such as berry, purple, and bits of plum and pair them with blue, green and pink for a unique twist that makes the room have a jewel tone appeal. The jewel-tone bits will add a luxurious touch that makes the room come to life in an overall manner. Finish it off with gold plates to further enhance a modern upgrade.

Rustic Spread

Bring in hanging napkins to give your rustic display a charming touch that feels creative

Take your guests outside and give them a rustic spread. Taking your spread outside is the perfect form of transitioning from one weather to another. It’s a great form of getting the most out of the cool weather before it’s too cold to hang outside. Instead of bringing flowers to the table as you would during the summertime, bring candles or small greenery that is displayed in the fall time. Pair with fall fruits to complete the look.

Bring on Pattern

Keep your pattern as cohesive as possible to not take away from your decor

Granted, adding too much pattern can be overwhelming; however, when done correctly bringing patterns could be just what your dining table needs. The key is selecting a color palette, pairing it with the same hues and sticking with it throughout the entire space. Work in multiple patterns and allow them to shine. To give it that brightening effect pair it with contrasting hues such as yellow and orange. Two shades that seamlessly brighten the room yet create a seamless contrasting effect.

Modern and Unconventional

Even a simple pink linen napkin can make the room come to life with a modern and unexpected way

Transitioning your table from summer to fall might not be the easiest thing, but there are a few things you can do to create a more seamless transition. First things first take into consideration keeping your table decor as minimal as possible. Doing so will create that seamless appeal while still being easy on the eye. Furthermore, bring in classic bits of fall such as pumpkins to make the room seem lively. Break it down with an unconventional hue such a pink or even pastel blue.


Bring in color as part of your succulents for a modern twist that still feels quite sleek

When seeking to find a plant for fall that doesn’t need much investment from you consider decorating with succulents. Succulents are great due to being low maintenance yet offering a fresh twist. Take it a step further by bringing colorful succulents to the scene. Blend in your succulents with a citrus tree to further enhance the appeal of the room while being charming.


You want to use green hues throughout the entire decor to match with your greenery seamlessly.


If you are in doubt of what colors to bring to the table, greenery is always a good choice. It’s not just a color its a feeling. Adding greenery not only adds appeal to the room, but it’s a sense of freshness. Additionally, it’s an excellent form of saying goodbye to the heat by showcasing easy greenery, its also another form of getting creative easily and quickly.

Let your Dessert be Your Decor

Allow your desserts to be the main focus of the table by simply placing them on an elevated plate

Fall is all about food and spending time together. Which is why we love the idea of taking your dessert and make it part of your decor. Pair it with other foods, and keep your decor, rustic to keep the space as sleek and rustic as possible. It’s all about making the room feel personal and nothing makes anything, feel more personal than food. Add pomegranate for a dose of color.

Bring the Metallic

Blend as many metallic hues as possible to bring a cohesive appeal. Pair with some greenery to make the space come to life

Keep it sleek and put together by adding gold and rose gold finishes to your table. Not only is it simple, but it adds a feminine twist that is oh so charming. Furthermore, it’s great for those that like to keep their table as minimal as possible while still having everything you need on it. It’s perfect for those that want something sleek yet that feels charming for fall.

Old and New

Bringing the old with the new you will be creating a seamless charm that makes perfect sense to the room

Blend in old and new decor to create something completely different that brightens your room overall. The idea is to bring in old classic pieces that feel almost vintage at a point. Pairing it with new bits to give the room a fresh take. Keep it as fresh as possible for a chic bit that feels almost contemporary. It’s all about bringing a little bit different from the rest.

Candles and more Candles

The more candles you bring, the better. It all about bringing intimacy where you need it most.

Don’t limit yourself to one candle or two considering bringing in an array of candles and making your display as romantic as possible. It not only makes the room feel romantic, but it adds that intimate feel while still creating a new appeal to the room. It’s all about bringing a new twist to your table.

Do you keep your table decorated for the season? If so, share with what you keep on the table all-year-round.


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