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Washbasin Vanity Combo by Toscoquattro

Italy’s own Toscoquattro offers this cool washbasin-vanity combo that no modern bathroom is complete without. This contemporary two-in-one piece designed by A. Forte and C. Di Marzio is ideal for compact bathrooms, combining two essentials into one practical and style-savvy fixture. But regardless of your bathroom’s size, this combo unit boasts big style. The geometric yet gently rounded square base is but an empty frame, leaving an open interior to lighten the look. Add an optional compartment for convenient but out-of-the-way storage. Topping off this modern vanity is an integrated washbasin, complete with a raised shelf for your soaps, lotions and potions. A contemporary single-lever mixer and the luminous, LED-illuminated wall mirror round out your washing area. Place this freestanding fixture up against the wall or in the center of your bathroom; either way, it’s sure to take center stage. Check out this washbasin-vanity combo at Toscoquattro.



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