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Wallpaper with 3D Effect – thermoformed wallpapers by Elitis

There’s a new generation of wall coverings in town! This wallpaper with 3D effect took Elitis two years to perfect, but it was worth the wait! These thermoformed wallpapers feature modern, trendy motifs that we love – the Botanica and the Vases series are two very different but equally stunning looks for your home. “Vases” is a contemporary, unconventional pattern; its smooth lines and repetitive geometric shapes a visually appealing addition. For a more traditional but still-modern look, “Botanica” is vines, leaves and flowers, interpreted in a new way. Beyond its cool aesthetics, this wallpaper is thick, offering effective acoustic qualities ideal for home theatres, games and music rooms. Easy to hang, easy to look at, easy to love – everyone wins. For more on these 3D effect wallpapers, visit Elitis.



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