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Urban Faucet for Kitchen – Esprit ‘My Style’ by Kludi

International youth lifestyle brand Esprit has linked up with German kitchen faucet manufacturer Kludi to create the urban faucet My Style. Aimed at young adults, My Style is design-led and stands out among faucets thanks to its minimal design and flowing shape, highlighting the qualities of the water within. Composed of a chrome-finish holder housing a flexible white hose and spout attachment, My Style is also practical as it can be moved in all directions, which makes for easy rinsing of dishes or ingredients during food prep. Ideal as a main kitchen faucet or second faucet on an island unit, My Style features an eco aerator that can reduce water consumption by around 40% and an anti-limescale function, as well as a hot water limiter – a safety device especially useful for families with young children or elderly relatives. The quality design from Kludi also features premium ceramic disk technology and easy-to-clean surfaces. For more information visit Esprit by Kludi.



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