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Universal Kitchen Design by Snaidero: 7 ways to increase functionality

We came across a very useful article about universal kitchen design by Snaidero called 7 ways to increase functionality in the kitchen. The author makes some interesting points and we thought to summarize them here – especially since Snaidero knows a thing or two about modern, functional living. Universal design is based largely on ergonomics and the elimination of non-essentials in order to promote an intuitive space that is easy to move around in and facilitates the task at hand. Here are Snaidero’s 7 solutions based on the universal design concept that will make functioning in your kitchen simple and easy:

1.Think about contour shapes for your countertops. Rounded counters are more facilitating for free range of movement and is more likely to render every inch of counter space usable.
2. Place a rotating carousel with shelves on the countertop. This allows for easy access to frequently used items. You can get some pretty stylish ones these days.
3. Get a “shuttle” panel. This is a panel that lays flush between the cooktop and sink so that you can slide heavy, hot pots from on to the other without having to lift it.
4. If you can, opt for a pull out shelf under your oven. Of course this is assuming that your oven is built in at eye level – which is the wiser choice when it comes to functionality. Next, choosing an oven door that opens sideways, like a regular door, instead of one that opens downward (like the ones we are used to) allows for easy placement of hot items from the oven to be put down on the pull out shelf we were talking about.
5. Install a shelf right above the backsplash that follows the line of your countertop. Again,like the countertop carousel, this ensures that all frequently used items are at arms reach.
6. Keep a cart handy. It would be best to find one that slides under your counter with a top surface that can be used as a cutting board. This way you can take the cart around your kitchen and easily adapt your set up based on the task.
7. Get a remote control extractor hood that is equipped with an emergency light. This again has to do with ease of use and in the event of a power failure, you have time to either finish the task or organize it for later.
Great tips don’t you think?


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