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Underground Home Uncovers One-Of-A-Kind Style

Dutch architects Denieuwegeneratie uncovered huge potential for an unusual home, funnily enough, buried into a mountainside here in a nature reserve in The Netherlands. The Amsterdam-based team, consisting of three young, forward-thinking architects, chose this underground placement not only for its lovely surroundings, artfully concealing the structure among trees and forest, but also for the thermal insulation factor.
The underground home passively holds heat during the cold winter months and keeps cool in the hot summer, peeking out from the hillside on both sides with large glazed facades framed in wood.
Inside, the large, open-concept layout offers flexibility for living while giving the owners options to reconfigure the space as time passes and their needs evolve. But, we quite like it just the way it is. Interiors are bright and airy, with earthy tones and materials that work wonderfully in this woody setting.

Not without its own modern flair, this rustic home offers the best of both worlds. Industrial-chic details, like the metal-famed windows and the massive steel fireplace, add a man-made element to this nature-inspired house.
Then there are the quirky touches that provide one-of-a-kind flair. Check out the wall-mounted Jaguar bookcase…
The skateboard staircase…
And the oddly-shaped windows.
Now, that’s personality!
via Design Milk
photo credits: John Marshall Lewis, Jaap Vliegenthart


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