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The Ultimate Kitchen Lighting Guide

Lighting does wonders for your complexion, the ambiance, and your kitchen. It’s one of those essential items that simply makes sense to have. There is truly no other place in a home that begs for a lighting plan quite like the kitchen. To start, you need to see what you are doing to not cut a finger or two, but you also have to remember that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Keeping that in mind, we have put together the ultimate guide to direct you in making the best decision when seeking the right lighting for your home.

Super-size Fixtures

If having two large fixtures seems to make you nervous go for one and make it as big as possible.

Why have a small light fixture when you can have large ones instead? This works exceptionally well when you have high, larger than life ceilings. Consider having two, large light fixtures instead of one. These fixtures will further enhance the appeal of the room while giving you enough lighting to do roughly anything in the kitchen.

Spread Out

The more lights you can spread out to add the better! It’s all about bringing as much dimensional lighting as you possibly can

A group of flush mount fixtures spread throughout, the kitchen is the perfect form of bringing lighting throughout the entire room. This idea is all about embracing the entire ceiling without over cluttering the aesthetic of the room. Keeping it asymmetrically for an added dose of visual interest. Install each light fixture with their switch so you have the luxury of turning on whichever light you would like to use at the moment. If not, you will have to turn all the lights on at once, removing that versatility aspect of your lighting.

Unified Brass

Brass has a magical element to it and we love the idea of having it around as much as possible.

If you love metal and working with metals, adding a brass light fixture is the way to go. Brass is one of those metals that simply works with any decorating style. Whether you want to portray a farmhouse aesthetic, a luxury twist or a minimal appeal having brass will further emphasize having a uniform touch. Rejuvenate the room by having other brass elements to ensure there’s a cohesive ambiance to the room.

Daring Lantern

The bigger your lantern the more focus it will attract to the room

We love the idea of bringing your outdoor light fixtures inside, particularly in the kitchen. A sustainably large lantern in the kitchen will create a grounding effect in an airy, and light format. It’s all about enhancing the room’s overall appeal with a large outdoor element without taking away the charm the room naturally has. All you need is one large lantern to truly showcase the grounding element an outdoor light fixture can have in such a beloved area of the home.

Fun Lighting

Go bold by adding a colorful marquee that makes sense to have in the room

Not every light you use in the kitchen needs to have a purpose, some light fixtures can just be for fun. Add in a fun marquee light with a fun shape to enhance the room’s fun element. Having this fixture is all about showcasing your personality while still bringing a lighting element to that specific area of the kitchen. Use another lighting in the room to brighten the overall space while having these smaller light fixtures be direct beams to your favorite area.

Go Contemporary

The more contemporary you can go with your decor and its styling the better.

Super-sleek, contemporary light fixtures are great when you want to be as bold as possible in your kitchen. Add a contemporary pendant and work your décor around it. Doing so will brighten the room’s overall appeal while adding personality throughout. Furthermore, the contemporary element will lend an unexpected contrast, that becomes the main focus. It’s all about bringing your personality to the forth front of the room.

Clear Glass Pendant

Choose clean pendants that make a statement, or come in different sizes for the best outcome.

If you already have a lot going on in your kitchen with your décor, it’s time to bring it back and embrace simpler light fixtures. What better way to do that than to install clear glass pendants? Glass pendants are great due to how minimalist they are yet, bring so much femininity in the room. Add multiple glass pendants to make a cohesive statement. Additionally, glass pendants add charm, as they almost disappear on their own. This idea works best if you have a smaller kitchen as it gives you lighting right where you need it most without overtaking the room.

Glamorous Chandelier

Two glamorous chandeliers are better than one! It’s always a great idea to engulf the room with glamour.

Will chandeliers ever go out of style? We think not! Chandeliers have been around for years and good reason. They add beauty, charm and glamorous which we are completely obsessed with. Add a large chandelier with the utmost glamorous touch to embrace the room’s aesthetic. Consider it the perfect form of making the room come to life and become a focal point where you need it most.

Nautical Lighting

With nautical lighting going the simple route is the way to go as it embraces the room’s overall aesthetic.

For an aged twist, bring a nautical fixture to the room. It adds an aging element to the room, that doesn’t feel old it feels almost vintage. Having a vintage approach is great for those that want something sleek yet fun without taking a daring approach. It’s all about making an impression where you want not where you have to. Add a singular fixture to make the room feel as sleek yet vintage as possible.

Pendant Fixtures

Bring as much pendant light’s as possible for the best, and brightest appeal to the room

One of the most classic fixtures to have in your kitchen is pendant fixtures. Pendant lighting makes the perfect, classic element in any room. Furthermore, it allows mother nature to do its thing, by bringing fresh lighting from the windows and pairing it with your pendant lighting. Leave your windows bare and allow natural lighting to come into the room. When the sun goes down, your light fixtures will become the focus exactly where you want it most.

This guide is sure to help you select the best lighting fixture for the kitchen and your personality. Share with us what your favorite kitchen fixtures are below.


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