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Modern Sofa Bed by Signet – folding and reclining Ubos sofa

Signet Wohnmöbel brings us the fabulous Ubos Sofa Bed. New for 2009, this plush modern sofa bed is designed to meet your changing needs throughout the day. Enjoy the backrests in the upright position in the afternoon, then recline them back to relax in the evening. No-one will suspect the Ubos is a sofa bed until it’s time to go to bed. Then the Ubos simply folds out into a comfortable two person double bed. Put the backrests into an upright position to create a cost private corner! Bold contemporary styling and brilliant color make the Ubos a fantastic piece of versatile furniture. New, from Signet.
See another modern convertible sofa here – the Tema from Die Collection.


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