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Tylo Sauna – Vital Vision high-end Scandinavian sauna

The Vital Vision Scandinavian sauna is an exclusive, high-end product from Tylo Sauna. The design is arresting, with special added features that imply that this is a sauna only for the most discerning. The sweeping, rounded bar section at the front is a stylish and highly visually striking feature. Large expanses of glass set firmly in wooden frames make the Vital Vision Tylo sauna a place where bathers need not lose touch with what’s happening outside. Recessed downlights add a welcoming glow to the sauna outside, and inside the gentle glow of concealed lighting creates an atmosphere that is soothing and calm. Upon entering, we find that the sauna is exceedingly practical – there a place for everything in its compartments and shelves – even a small fridge, DVD and flatscreen TV can be installed. To make the abundantly equipped Scandinavian sauna part of your home, contact Tylo Sauna.
Also see the Classic Scandinavian sauna design from Tylo.


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