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Scandinavian Sauna from Tylo – Classic steam sauna

The Classic steam sauna from Tylo is a Scandinavian sauna that boasts an appearance that perfectly sums up what saunas are, and always have been, all about. Gorgeous, both inside and out, this Scandinavian sauna features traditional natural blond spruce and glowing aspen wood, both of which add the warmth and beauty of wood to the sauna. Generously sized benches and a contoured wooden backrest invite you to enter through the sturdy door with its safety glass window. Doubtless, the special scent and individual characteristics of the wood are indispensable aspects of the cozy charm of a Scandinavian sauna. However, the Classic steam sauna is also available without the exterior paneling by choosing the Classic Special package – meaning that the outside can be designed by you to fit in with your existing decor. So easy to adapt, the Classic steam sauna is from Tylo.


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