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Tuscan Clay Pots by ND Dolfi

tuscan clay pots thatsArte Tuscan Clay Pots by ND Dolfi
Clay pots are a wonderfully versatile friend for any kitchen, and we are enchanted by these Tuscan clay pots by Italian ceramics designer ND Dolfi. They can be used on the stovetop or in the oven and keep heat for a really long time – so they are wonderful companions at big dinners and gatherings. But function isn’t the only thing that’s great about these – they’re also quite beautiful and make a romantic statement – blending age old techniques with a slightly modernized aesthetic. Each of these peices are hand made and decorated by ND Dolfi. The colors and style really feel inspired by the Tuscan landscape, don’t you think? So homey. Visit ThatsArte.com for more information.

tuscan clay pots thatsArte 1 Tuscan Clay Pots by ND Dolfi



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