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Color Trends 2005 – the earthy Tuscan style is in!

The latest 2005 color trend is moving toward more casual feel, and is dominated by the Tuscan style with its earth-tone paints. Influenced by the ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ movie, the Tuscan color palette mixes golds, browns, greens and clay reds throughout the house. Look at the movie flyer (right) …these are very much the colors that are in trend now. To attain the popular Tuscan look, faux finishes and murals are used more than ever. The newest glazes that are easier to use also help to achieve the distressed look of the Tuscan style cabinets and furniture in the kitchen and dining and living rooms. Spawned by their use with glazes, metallic colors are also surging in popularity. Wallpaper in the mentioned earth tones maintains its popularity. In contrast, in kid’s bedrooms, pink, orange, green and turquoise are popular colors.


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