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15 Unique and Trendy Staircase Decorations

You’d be keen to know that the spaces in your home that don’t necessarily get the right amount of attention are actually where you need to spread the details to. Below, you’ll find 15 unique and trendy staircase decorations that will enlighten nooks that you didn’t realize needed the styling before. The route to the basement, upstairs bedrooms, or bonus room could use the boost! Dive into some of our favorite ideas now.

Decoist begins this trek through the stairs with this gorgeous family-inspired space. Everything is white and distressed framing a moment or member of the family. And it pops beautifully against the sage green wall.

Here’s a landing that’s a bit simpler in style. A chic, hanging mirror and some potted pieces are the perfect addition to a contemporary home. Found at Homedit, sometimes less really is more.

Before you reach the steps, you can style something pretty. Look at this pretty chest and mirror combination. It’s got a feminine style that a home craves. Check out more where this came from at My Domaine.

Pinterest always has great inspiration, especially when it comes to holiday decor. Take a look at this fabulous idea for when that time of the year comes around. Distressed letters and some greenery could really create a transformation.

Satori Design for Living featured this stunning watercolor wall gallery that we instantly fell in love with. Keep the walls clean and crisp so the colors and frames pop off without any issue. Just grab pieces that inspire you and then personalize your space.

Good Housekeeping gave us another great family idea. Monograms stuck in the mix of all of the family photos, it’s really the best way to give your home that personalized appeal. Utilize your name and display it proudly.

Sometimes you get lucky and have a space like this to work with. If you have a landing, style it a bit! Larger ones like this from Ballard Designs can be jumpstarted with a bench, pillows and a bit on the walls.

Liz Marie loves rustic flavor and we love how she styles. Even her staircase was given detail and farmhouse decor. Filled to the brim with the right amount of “stuff,” it’s definitely one to inspire from.

Simplicity is always a great way to go. And that’s what we see within this Suzanne Ashley home. Just some family photos strategically placed on the wall will work.

You could always style the actual stairs instead of the walls or spaces around them. Wallpaper could do the job! And this peek from AD may turn into the best DIY project to dive into this weekend.

StoneGable had this great peek to grab ideas from as well. From top to bottom it’s a home that you can recreate your own space after. It’s a more traditional way to decorate too so it’ll provide homey inspiration.

C Magazine showcased this stunning staircase and we were hooked. It’s definitely got a bohemian vibe, one that could be created by grabbing some pieces from World Market. We love the texture and earthy tones as well.

Of course, you could always add a bit of “something” to the staircase by just adding a runner. The Decorista showed off this spread and we loved the innovative ease behind it. Colors work too!

A modern staircase needs modern styling. Of course, minimalism is what’s seen most here. The plants and neutral pieces surrounding the unique staircase work well. Thanks for the inspiration Pinterest!

And finally, Tidbits & Twine leaves us off with another gallery wall to spring ideas off of. Different sizes, photos, and more, it’s an eclectic mix that represents the family well. And it provides that personalization in an unsuspecting place that a home craves.


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