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Toto’s New Mercer Air Bath Likes Soaps!

This simple looking TOTO‘s Mercer Air Bath is far from ordinary… Besides the 15 individual air jets, normal, pulsating and oscillation air injection modes and five years limited warranty… the Mercer takes soaps, bath oils, salts and other bathing chemicals without harming the air system. For most air bathtubs but this one, using bathing essentials isn’t recommended…
The Mercer Air Bath is cast-acrylic and has a deep bathing well which is accented with a chrome plated solid brass grab bar. It has slip-resistant surface and is powered by 1 hp ultra-quiet blower.
More features:
Jet Trim: Chrome, White Color Matched,
Cast-acrylic design provides years of durability,
300 watt heated air injection system,
Final purge/drying cycle to clean each air jet,
Multi functional keypad controls 3 air injection modes. Dimensions: 72″ x 42″ x 22″


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