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Stone Forest Natural Stone Bathtub – carved from a granite boulder!

We love this Stone Forest natural stone bathtub because it is very original, earthy, hand carved, and it is also very trendy now.
Wow! Carving it from a natural granite boulder will sure make each bathtub unique. This granite bathtub makes a ‘massive’ presence, and at the same time it combines the elegant simplicity of Japanese style with contemporary design. You won’t get this impression from a man-made cement or cast stone tub. Each tub is hand carved using hammer and chisel. This gives it the individual character of the rock and leaves the imprint of the stonecutter’s soul. In today’s world, such timeless piece of hand carved granite can bring a feeling of eternity to your home.
Stone Forest also produces hand crafted sinks for your bathroom and rock statues in traditional Japanese designs for your garden.
Stone Forest natural stone bathtub comes in these colors: blue, gray, black or beige granite. Parameters: it is 72″ long, 44″ wide, 26″ tall, approx 2500 lbs. Expect to pay from $10,000 to $16,000. Stone Forest


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