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Bathroom Faucet from Cifial – the new Brookhaven faucet

Angular, yet smoothly cylindrical, the Brookhaven bathroom faucet from Cifial is full of contradictions. At first glance it appears eye-catching and rather unusual, but on further investigation it is found to be deceptively simple, uncluttered and inviting. Due to its appealing simplicity of design, the new Brookhaven bathroom faucet has an appeal that will last. The gently tapered spout flares slightly at the end, as do the handles, giving a user-friendly grip. Available in a matt bronze finish that would suit a more traditional bathroom (perhaps incorporating a rich colour palette), or a gleaming chrome finish ideally suited to a bathroom with a cool modern look, the faucet offers distinctive grace either way. An elegant bathroom faucet from Cifial, this faucet adds the perfect finishing touch to complete your bathroom’s style.



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