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Narrow Bathroom Design Ideas by Cifial USA

Helping designers overcome challenges in a creative way, these narrow bathroom design ideas were recently recognized by high-end Portuguese bathroom brand Cifial USA, as part of the Uncharted Waters Design Competition. Proving that small spaces can be sweet and stylish, this compact yet contemporary bathroom by San Francisco-based Marsh & Clark Design is dressed to the nines, and it’s all in the details. From the ground up, this narrow bathroom has a wide-reaching aesthetic appeal that’s timeless, with pops of trends that still keep it current with today’s fashions. The floor features a gorgeous tiled motif that makes its way up onto the walls and is echoed in the stained-glass window behind the toilet – a lovely touch that ties the elements of this slim and sleek space together. The organic lines of the motif complement the natural wood vanity. The finishing touch is the subtle brushed-steel hardware and free-flowing mirror. Cifial USA



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