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TOTO Neorest Bathroom – Responsive and Interactive!

[New Product Coverage from KBIS 2008]
Toto Neorest airbath 5x7
A smart bathroom for the future; the Neorest is a new, innovative approach from Toto. Incredibly, the Neorest bathroom really gets to know you – and how you best interact with water during your daily routines. The Air Bath will remember just the temperature you like your bath, and how deep. Its wide waterfall spout allows you to appreciate the pure beauty of flowing water, and two padded neck rests mean you need not do this alone! The minimalist Shower Tower also instantly provides a cascade of water at your preferred temperature. The Neorest bathroom prepares for you when it senses your approach… the Lavatory with Automatic Sensor Faucet switches on its blue LED lights to indicate readiness. This ‘ergonomic technology’ from Toto means that using the Neorest becomes an interactive experience that defines luxury.
Toto Neorest bathroom
Toto Neorest 550 soft close seat

Toto Neorest integrated sensor lavatory 5x7


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